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Governor O'Malley, Lt. Governor Brown Release Statement On Tonight's House Economic Matters Committee Minimum Wage Vote

ANNAPOLIS, MD (March 2, 2014) -- Governor O’Malley and Lt. Governor Brown issued the following statements in response to tonight's House Economic Matters Committee vote on the minimum wage bill: “No one who works full time should have to raise their family in... Read More >

Maryland League of Conservation Voters Announces Endorsement for Delegate Dereck Davis

Political Organization says Many Candidates are Making the Environment a Priority in this Election Cycle (Annapolis, MD) Today the Maryland League of Conservation Voters (Maryland LCV) released its next round of endorsed candidates for Senate and the House of Delegates in the 2014 state... Read More >

Maryland's House Economic Matters Committee chair doesn't back $10.10 minimum wage

The chairman of the state’s House Economic Matters Committee said Monday that while he supports hiking Maryland’s minimum wage, a rise to $10.10 an hour is too high. The $10.10-an-hour figure is “probably not a number I would choose,” Del. Dereck E. Davis said following... Read More >

"The Pre-Session Fundraising Mania"

Josh Kurtz: Double D Even with the ice and snow, the smell of money wafted down the 302 feet of pavement that separates the Calvert House and Galway Bay in Annapolis on Friday. The pre-session fundraising mania reached its surrealistic zenith, with six events scheduled between breakfast and... Read More >

The big question about Baltimore's jail scandal

Points to Del. Dereck Davis for the question of the day at the General Assembly's hearing on the pervasive corruption at the state-run Baltimore City Detention Center. Corrections secretary Gary Maynard had just made an extensive presentation about the various successes of his term and the... Read More >

O'Malley claims victory

ANNAPOLIS — The Maryland General Assembly breezed toward adjournment Monday following a session of heavy lifting, approving a medical marijuana measure and an expansion of early voting on the last day, after most of the major bills already had been passed last week or even... Read More >

Democratic committee chair surprised when Republicans oppose pro-business bill

A Democratic committee chairman in House debate Thursday said that he felt like he was in the “twilight zone” because he was arguing on behalf of business, and his Republican opponent was voicing concern for state consumers. Del. Dereck Davis, D-Prince George’s County, was... Read More >

Death Penalty Flawed, Ineffective and Biased

A few years ago, Dereck Davis was walking home from work when some men came up, held a gun to his kidneys and robbed him. He held that anger inside for years. Years later, as a member of the Maryland House of Delegates, when the issue of repealing the death penalty was introduced, Davis’s... Read More >

Let Maryland set the pace in wind power

Offshore wind power is a critical piece of America’s energy future. It offers answers for advancing our economy, reducing pollution tied to global warming and moving toward energy independence. The time is now to put Maryland businesses at the forefront of a new American industry. The Post... Read More >

Maryland state delegates question inconsistencies between coppa, state children's privacy bill

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Maryland lawmakers questioned potential inconsistencies between the FTC’s Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) rule and HB-316, a state bill that would extend the rule’s protections to Maryland children. The bill was introduced by Chairman... Read More >

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